Jet Scooter: The Next Gen Flying Machine

You can remember that Jules Vern wrote the story on “Nautilus”, that famous submarine invented by a scientist who stays in abandoned island and the submarine named against the unit of speed under water “Knot”. He wrote this about 200 years prior to the actual submarine invented. Looking to this “Jet Scooter” an excellent digital art, bring me that same impression. Jet Scooter is the most advance and superb futuristic concept created in digital art by this designer Peanuts23.

Actually I think this should be the perfect shaped individual carrier to be come up for our use in very near future, may be by next century! It should be the perfect transportation for this fast moving world, where the time would be really precious and to match the atmosphere too where pollution free to be great concern, will fly with the help of Jet fuel and take to your place with a blink of eye. Though by the name it’s my guess that it will fly with the help of fuel as nowadays the Jet planes are moving but looking to the structure it seems that it can fly based on magnetic force too and which should be the ideal for pollution free world.

With an excellent color combination, the day this jet scooter hits the road or sky, people will watch it with their jaws dropped on the floor. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a ride of this killer scooter which has taken the aesthetic features of a normal scooter to a new level. A perfect blend of old scooters and side wings which are there to keep the balance of this scooter in the air with a front round plane like shape to help it to give it enough speed to cut through the wind.

This is the most exotic popular design created which should be desirable for all but sad part its just design now and we can hope to get the dream materialize very soon.

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