Guitar Toilet Pot Goes for a Song

Presenting, fr1zz’s toilet pot with a guitar shaped cover, so now, you can go ga ga while flushing yourself and being a true musician.

The toilet pot is available in several shades and color and is made up of four rigid or semi-rigid upright walls. The upright walls include two side walls opposing each other and front wall and a rear wall opposing each other. Each sidewall is formed of two panels connected together by a hinge for folding inwardly. The seat member that is made up of wooden guitar shape is provided with side support walls and is capable of folding down along side the side walls. This pot presents an interesting yet intriguing look for any music lover.

Give your bathroom a face-lift with this one of the kind, guitar shaped toilet pot. It is the perfect décor for your bathroom and will help you rock n roll while performing your much needed duties. It is no longer the age for boring toilet pots; therefore, this guitar shaped toilet pot has been shown the door. It has already found its way in several households and is certainly a delight to eyes. Moreover, it is also environment-friendly in the way that the wood has a safe, non-toxic oil finish to make you rest assure even without any kid surveillance.

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