A Chemical Wash using a Periodic Table Soap

Phew! Finally there’s a soap for science geeks like me, so what if it has lots of “chemicals” in it, yeah? Yes folks, a geeky soap made by twoeggplants which looks like a blackboard and has the ever popular (only for nerds, like me and you) periodic table carved within the outer rims of the “blackboard”.

Chemistry teachers and professors must be loving this as the not-so-ace students won’t have the excuse of saying that they didn’t have time to memorize the table, as they would be quick to retort by asking “So you didn’t shower today, is that it?”.  Gone are the days of having to memorize the periodic table by weird sing-song routines or jedi-like concentration, just place one in the school restroom and you can be the apple in the professors eye, although frequenting the loo might come with the side effect of being considered to be having a small bladder, but they wouldn’t be laughing when you make it to the best pre-med schools.

I do not mean in any way, that this soap is not meant for someone who doesn’t want to go pre-med or engineering. For example this could soap could be an ideal read in a normal bathroom where the only thing that was read earlier was maybe, for instance, copies of playboy. Parents could stop worrying about what their kid’s reading in there, knowing that it’s for the sake of science. The clever kids, could actually use it for what it is. Maybe after a playboy.

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