Frullino is a Redesigned Electrical Frother

I am sure you are also trying to guess what this appliance can be…to me it looks like a posh looking hand whisker or beater, to batter up eggs, or any semi liquid dough. It also looks like one of those small motor fixers that you need to connect to a beater inside, to slice or mix specific food stuff, or a new piece of cutlery that we would have to think and come up with a new use for…an addition to the spoon and fork set.

Frullino is actually a redesigned electrical Frother appliance and has been made from different components like milk frother and some basic cutlery, and some silicone casing has been used to hold it together and give it that appealing look.

It definitely looks like an appliance you would like to have in your kitchen. Hongisto Design brings us the great looking product, an experiment from an industrial design project.

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Via: GadgetHer