8 Cool USB Gadgets For Soccer Fans

Are you totally crazy about soccer? Do you see soccer everywhere from your bedroom wall to your desktop wallpaper and yet the rest of your gadget collection does not display your soccer craze? Well it is time to start displaying your passion for the game by adding the soccer touch there too.  Your options are not limited at all because there is a vast collection of gadgets for soccer fans out there like USB drives, web cams, speakers, mouse, mp3 players and more with a special touch of soccer fantasy on each one. Following is a list of top 8 USB gadgets made especially for soccer fans just like you. Have a look and add some of them to your gadget collection.

1. Soccer ball shaped MP3 Player

With the emergence of apple iPod and iPod touch, mp3 players are less common. Still there are some unique ones in attractive shapes and looks which will tempt you to buy them, and here is one such gadget aimed at soccer fans. Shiro AS mp3 player is the one for you if you are a music lover who wants to give a soccer touch to your mp3 player. It comes in an ash tone with a diameter of 37.4mm. The Shiro AS mp3 player comes with six buttons for volume control as well as other play back options. Other features include FM, voice recording, and a stopwatch. It gives an impressive 10 hour battery life as well.


2. Soccer ball shaped iPod dock

The soccer ball shaped iPod dock from Speakal is a new addition to the collection of soccer gadgets. It is a 2.1 stereo speaker system which plays and charges all iPods with dock connector. It comes with a remote controller for volume control as well as iPod play back control. There are 3 speakers to optimize the sound clarity along with tweeters. In addition to it this gadget offers CD, mp3 and TV connectivity as well.


3. Football shaped mini cooler

Do you wish you had a cooler next to your couch when you watch a soccer game on television ? Here is such an innovation in a miniature form. This soccer ball shaped mini cooler can keep 6 regular sized cans cool at the same time. It comes with a temperature control as well, and is so portable that you can take it on a trip and plug it into your car’s 12 volt power outlet.


4. Soccer ball USB hub

The soccer ball shaped USB hub comes with 4 USB 2.0 ports and measures 70 x 70 x 65 mm. It comes with typical black and white soccer ball color as well. There is no need to worry about dust entering the ports because you can close the cover and keep the hub closed when it is not in use. It has a data transfer rate of 480 Mbps and weighs about 85 grams.


5. Soccer ball web cam

The soccer ball shaped web cam comes with a 350K CMOS sensor including a built in microphone. It weighs only 142 grams and guarantees quality pictures, videos with its adjustable lens for a better focus. The soccer ball shaped head can turn 360 degrees. It costs only about 22 USD and works great with MSN, skype and other chat clients.


6. Soccer ball USB fan

The heat of the game getting to you? Just plug in this USB powered soccer fan  to your laptop or desktop to bring down the temperature. It has a quiet motor and guarantees low power consumption so that it will not drain the battery of your laptop even if you are unplugged. The blades are made of soft plastic to avoid any danger of getting injured. It does not come with different levels of blade speed and so the only control available is the ON/OFF switch.


7. Soccer ball USB flash drive

Let’s start injecting soccer to the basic of amenities. How about a flashy soccer ball flash drive to gadget gallery? It is available on a wide range of colors with the attached keyring. It also supports user and administrative level security. It usually comes in 2 – 4 Gb memory size. With a weight of just 67 grams and size of 39 mm, this gadget is a handy asset to any soccer fan out there.


8. USB fidget soccer

Have nothing to do? How about testing your reflexes on this desktop instant football game. It challenges your concentration  on 3 game modes, all involving  the taps of your fingers on the ball. For example one of these modes you have to press the ball button repeatedly to control the shooting power. It is USB powered as usual, with 4 feet of cable and is compatible in Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

A webcam in a soccer featuring a 350K CMOS sensor including a built in microphone is just the thing for a fanatic. It guarantees quality pictures, motion videos and has adjustable lens for picture focusing. The head can turn 360-degree and compatible in MSN,Skype as well as ICQ. It weighs just 142 gram and wears a price tag of around USD22.00.