Hitch Safe Gadget Keeps Valuables Safe from Highway robbery

We remember in earlier days had those magnetic key holder things which allowed us to hide a key under our car in a magnetic case helping to lock our valuable stuff inside the car without the worrying about the key getting lost. I assume, Hitch Safe is its modified version which I bet will be safer then it used to be back in the old days.

This Hitch Safe is cool Anti Theft Gadget that consists of a hidden place to keep our valuables secured from all those people who have their eyes on those. This metallic safe slides safely and fits perfectly in to the trailer’s hitch receiver which will be formed only after you remove your trailer’s tow ball attachment.

Its two bolts hold the safe securely in to the hitch while preventing to get removed unless it’s unlocked. Being made up of top quality metal and the dials which are made from chrome to make it anti-rust and allowing it to sustain in all the weather conditions.

The safe’s overall area is big enough to hold your cash, credit cards, car keys, gold ring, chain etc. and it will all be secured via a 4 digit code. For people like travelers, divers and the persons whosoever used to stay in cars for whole life or anyone else who has the bad habit of locking themselves out of their cars, this locker is the best help to them.

If you are not using your trailer, then there is an additional rubber cover provided so that your Hitch Safe won’t get layers of dust around them. If you are already planning to remove your trailer’s tow ball attachment then you can have this Hitch Safe.

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Via : Redferret.net