Pocketbook 360: a Real Pocket Sized E-Reader that Packs a Punch [CES 2010]

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This year at CES 2010, there were so many different E-Readers that all looked great and intriguing, but the Pocketbook 360 was the only one we tried which was truly pocket sized and still packed the punch.

The Pocketbook 360 is a wonderful E-Reader that provides any gadget fan interested in a new reader a great alternative consisting of the basic features desired, looks great in design and implementation and is also affordable for the ones that aren’t looking for additional useless features they will never use in the first place.

pocketbook reader 360

We were fortunate to try out the new Pocketbook 360 hands on and see how simple it was to use the new device (even without any instructions) and start reading Crime and Punishment with enjoyment, with excitement and with real portability thanks to the relatively small size of this exciting E-Reader.

Although I have been interested in E-Readers for quite some time, I kept my eyes open for one that isn’t just practical with features but also with its look and design. The Pocketbook 360 is only 4.6” x 5.5” x 0.39” (118 x 140 x 10 mm) in size with a 5″ screen size, which makes it easy to carry along with you daily (also a fit in some pockets such as Cargo pants, etc.), and it is also the only Reader that includes a snap-on cover, so the screen is protected without the need to fork out any more on a designer cover.

For actual PocketBook 360 specs, check out the details below, but as in usability, I was really happy with the product. Without the instruction manual, I was able to do everything required for using the Pocketbook 360 including reading, uploading ebooks, changing the setting, running through the features like Font size, bookmarks and the menus, and all within a few minutes of trying out the product. It is an intuitive Reader that would be easy for anyone to use, without the need for any Geek degree of any sort.

Using The Pocketbook 360 E-Reader:

Not just from E-Readers, but this is one gadget that was so easy to use straight out of the box without a hitch. I was able to immediately scroll through books, select what item I wish to read, turn the pages easily, bookmark the page for a future return, and also upload additional Ebooks quickly. The Pocketbook 360 also supports so many formats such as: FB2, FB2.zip, TXT, PDF, RTF, HTML, PRC, CHM, DJVU, DOC, EPUB, TCR, so for those who do not want to be held down by the shackles of DRM…this is a wonderful alternative.

The 360 is the basic model from PocketBook, for it does not sport WiFi, a larger display and other features, but for my use…it was just what I needed…an E-Reader to read books and documents. Moreover, as E-Readers do not display an actual page on their screen anyways, it didn’t interrupt my reading habit whatsoever and made it easy to scroll through the pages with one easy click. Even more, it has a built in sensor, which allows the reader to hold it upwards with any of the sides downwards, and it automatically adapts and changes the text to display correctly (see images below). What’s more is that this allows both Right handers and Left handers to use the reader quickly and intuitively and also changes the menus respectively…so no hander will be left confused.

pocketbook e reader

The feel of the Pocketbook 360 is completely comfortable, for it fits in the palm of your hand just like a paperback book but weighing much less. Moreover, the bookturning buttons, menu button (to access main menu, settings and features), and the directional pad (book turning, font resizing, scrolling through menu, etc) are all positioned so naturally that I was simply amazed. I was truly able to use every feature of this E-Reader by holding it with one hand and navigating with the thumb of the same hand. As mentioned previously, it was highly intuitive and had no learning curve for me.

The Pocketbook 360 connects by an easy USB, which is used for both managing the content and also charges the Reader’s battery. It runs for only $239.99, making it highly affordable and attractive to those interested in an easy to use, good looking and practical E-Reader.

You can find further details, check out additional images, or check out their store (including the high end models) at PocketBook Reader.

pocketbook 360

PocketBook 360 Tech Specs:

5″ E Ink® Vizplex


Samsung® S3C2440 AL-40 400MHz

Operating system

E-Book formats

Image formats
JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF     Additional Software
RSS-News, Calendar, Notes, Sudoku, Games

Mini USB

RAM 64 Mb
Internal 512Mb
User-accessible 466Mb

Memory slot
microSD, microSDHC card

Li-Polymer (1000 mAh)      Size with cover
4.6” x 5.5” x 0.47”
118 x 140 x 12 mm

Size without cover
4.6” x 5.5” x 0.39”
118 x 140 x 10 mm

5.3 ounces

Ivory or Black