Lumino Project: a New Phase In The Microsoft Surface

Lumino Project(1)

Lumino – although it may look similar to any general class of building blocks, but in real sense the Lumino Project is the markup for a new phase in the Microsoft Surface. Lumino project is all about a whole new dimension – a third dimension and thus making the generations believe there is lot more we can do with a Surface.

The Lumino Project is not only capable of recognizing a three-dimensional object on the Surface, but also can determine the height of it too. And this is not the end, as it can even recognize objects that are placed one on top of another. This amazing new phase can be extremely useful in checkers game, where the Surface can recognize when a player has been ‘Kinged’ and can even help give the players with the ideas of best moves.

But this is not all, as with his outstanding starting phase in the Microsoft Surface we can look forward and expect many interesting games and applications coming out from the Microsoft Surface Platform. This third dimension factor is surely to open up new paths for the Microsoft Surface in the coming days. It might also open up new doors in the touch surfaces and enable different gestures that we have not even thought of in real sense.

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Via: [Coated]