The Polaroid PIC-100 Camera is Back From The Past

If you are one of the many people from around the world who really miss the classic instant picture Polaroid cameras especially after the company ditched all it’s attempts to cope up with the modern digital age and just shut down, well then here is some good news, the company (thanks to all of the fan pressure and various other sentimental issues) has finally decided to re-launch a new range of their instant picture cameras under the name of Polaroid PIC 100.

This cool new range of cameras will be using the same classic Polaroid Colour 600 Instant Film to produce the very same white border iconic pics you have been wanting to have since all these years. The cameras will sport a tough plastic clad body and probably one of them will sport the 70’s wooden texture, working pretty much in the same manner as their ancestors did, these new-gen cameras will also be equipped with some modern tech like self timer, a flash and red eye reduction. The film, as in the old days, will be available in packs of 10 shots and could be used in the old and the new models alike.

Probably the best part of this whole camera revolution is that the company has decided to keep the price under a $100, which would entice almost all photography freaks to get one for themselves, and probably one of them would be our colleague Oliver. But if you are looking for a much more advanced digital cam, you should have a look at worlds Fastest Digital Cam. Then again, if you like the Polaroid theme, then check out the Polaroid iPhone Icons Theme or the Polaroid Flipbook Machine.

via:[Cool Things]