Tribute to Evergreen Pacman with a Delicious Cookie

It is a pity that everyone in the world enjoys playing the cool and colorful Pacman video games, but it seems only the Japanese people know how to honor a smash hit idea by Namco who presented the game in 1980 to the world and decided to celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a style.  In honor of its cute characters Circle K Sunkus chain of stores in Japan has started selling Pacman buns cookies for ¥120 (about $1.34 USD).  After having a look at the cute character of Pacman resting on a plate, I scratched my head and looked around and wondered whether someone was playing Pacman on it and its character slipped straight from it on the plate. No, I was wrong.

I saw the picture of the bun closely on my computer and found it has some filling. After great research around it comes out to be almond-flavored cookies along with cream custard.  Wow! Children will simply love it. It would be a nice idea to play Pacman game while eating one of its characters along, eating till you smash all your enemies around in the game.

On a serious note, after 30 years of its release, this evergreen game which is a recipient of the Guinness World Records award for being the “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game, has now found place in the latest mobile phone devices.  Go and buy the game if you have not one on your mobile and tell the world you are a part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations.

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Via: Geekologie