Nintendo NES Controller Dress Creates An Online Buzz

Clothing fashion will always be a major factor in how everything looks, or at least this what good clothing fashion is supposed to do, but your clothes should also reflect how you feel, and what you like. And if you are into video gaming, you are going to love the Nintendo NES inspired dress that Liz Tan wore at the Halloween party where video games were all the fuzz.

I must say that the idea of taking the Nintento NES controller and making a costume out of it is pretty bold. And, just like with any other bold decision, the end result could have been either hugely pozitive or drastically negative. Fortunately, the Nintendo NES dress managed to get loads of positive feedback, as the photos gained online popularity and word spread.

From my point of view, the image above is one of the coolest images ever brought to the Nintendo NES. As you know, one of the most popular games for the Nintendo NES is Super Mario Brothers. In the picture above you can see Mario on the left, Luigi (Mario’s brother and the character P2 is controlling)  in the left side and the princess (that Mario is trying to save in the game). Liz Tan’s dress is what brings the whole picture together, with her dress depicting exactly the controller, the only connection between the gamer and the characters in the game. By the way, the glove is supposed to symbolize the cord (no fancy WiFi was available back then).

What is also really cool about this Nintendo NES controller dress is the fact that it gives us geeks the confidence that loving technology does not make you unattractive, nor should it make you feel embarrassed. And there is also the fact that the NES controller is commonly regarded as one of the most “stylish” controllers ever created, so why wouldn’t us geeks want to incorporate it in our style ?

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Via: Dvice