Firefox Personas are Cool And Easy To Install

Firefox Personas are the easiest way to make sure your browsing experience is as exciting as it could be, and basically, they are lightweight skins/themes for Mozilla Firefox. Still, that does not mean they won’t radically change the way your browser looks and “feels”, and all this at a click of a button. All the Firefox Personas can be accessed once you install the Personas add-on for Firefox, so that’s all you have to worry about. Read on if you want to get Firefox Personas on your browser. We will also talk about how to update your browser in the process.

First of all, you’ll have to find out what Firefox Version you are using if you’re using any (if not, download Mozilla Firefox from its official website and skip this paragraph). To do this, click “Help” from the upper menu and select “About Mozilla Firefox” from the menu.

Check Mozilla Firefox Version

As you can see in the picture above, I am using Firefox v3.5.7, so I should update my Firefox to the latest version, Firefox 3.6. Note that this step is not needed in order to install new personas, but Firefox 3.6 does fix some stability bugs, so why not have your browser performing at its best possible level before tweaking with it?

To update your Firefox go to Help -> “Check For Updates” from the upper menu. If a new version is available for you, hit the “Get the New Version” button and follow the indications given to you by the wizard.

Update Firefox

Ok, so now that you’ve updated Firefox, go to the official Firefox Personas website and click the green “Get Personas for Firefox” button. Wait a few (5) seconds for the Install button to activate in the new window.

Install Firefox Personas (2)

Now wait a few seconds for the Firefox Personas install process to be complete, and then click the “Restart Firefox” button in the upper right side of the Installation window, as shown in the image below.

Install Firefox Personas 3

After Firefox will be restarted, you will see the “Click on the fox mask to get started!” message, confirming that Firefox Personas are now installed and ready to use on your browser. As instructed, hit the fox mask to begin, and choose a Firefox Personas that you like (there are currently 41,626 Personas that you can check out).

Also on the official Personas website, the gallery will display a few of the top rated Firefox Personas out there, so you can get a general impression, as well as better select your desired look once Personas are installed. Remember that you can also create your own Firefox Persona. The process is not that hard as you would imagine, while the wizard that will help you with creating your own Firefox Persona will make sure you stay on the right track. All you need is a little patience and some creativity!

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