Castleforte Trojan Horse Paper Toy: Relive the Memory of Greek War Strategy

Trojan Horse Paper Toy has been designed by the Los Angeles based designer Castleforte on the lines that give remembrances of Trojan-Greek era. The grandeur of Toy Horse looks impressive and more than the appeal, its secrecy and furtive appearance would take you by stride.

There are compartments to hide the army, in the mannerism followed by the Greeks, and every compartment has enough space to get your army aligned in the place. As an Army Commander, you need to take full charge of security of yourarmy… isn’t it! Hey! This is the part of your game strategy, and moreover, don’t you need to break into the enemy lines. Of course you really want to gain complete hegemony on enemy lines, and the amazing Trojan Horse Paper Toy will provide you the place to plan your war strategy.

This big and light Trojan Horse Paper Toy will keep the soldiers safe, while you keep busy in playing war strategies against your adversaries! Yeah… Trojan Horse Paper Toy also lets you sneak ammos and light to medium artillery warfare too! A great war game for children and adults! Want to be the dare devil now!

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Via: DesignYouTrust