Google Chrome Cake with V8 Engine

Most geeks are aware that most famed browser Google Chrome has this open source JavaScript V8 engine which makes it possible for the users to have whole new faster browser experience.  The most creative representation of the essence of Google Chrome is this Google Chrome Cake embedded with V8 engine. This picture of cake was put up by Google’s Jason Toff on twitter and Google also used it to invite users to build the Chrome icon in their own creative ways.

The innovations and applications of Google may seem as simple as baking a cake because of the way it is made user friendly but it takes best brains to come up with right recipes. Google Chrome browser is the best baked cake ever for millions of Google fans, both geeks and non-geeks. Even the colorful logo of Chrome is inspirational and geeks who bake real cakes must have already baked one. Even the entries for Google’s open invitation were interesting – check out Lego Google Chrome Icon and other Ideas for recreating 3D Google Chrome icon.

Google literally controls the online world and every aspect of it including online advertising and it definitely takes big piece of profit cake but it deserves it too for constantly innovating. Google is expected to release Google Chrome OS sometime this year and Google Wave is already here to stay.