Pacman Sponge To Keep Your Home Bacteria Proof

Pacman the ravishing game is being ruling the world since its release in 1980, and is considered as one of the classics of the medium virtually synonymous along with video games and can be named as an popular icon in the gaming world. Pacman is now here in another special and different avatar as the Pacman Sponge which not only cleans up dirt and grease but can even help your mom clean up her dishes.

This shows that Pacman apart from eating fruits, candies and some times ghosts, can also eat up all the dirt and grease on the table or any where and make it shiny.  You can also use this Pacman sponge to clean your pots, pans, dishes, vehicles etc. which is a solid and rigid surface.

Surprisingly it’s available for only $8.50. Although I feel it’s quite abnormal to buy one piece of carved out sponge for these much unless you want to waste your million dollar fortune slowly. I feel it’s better to buy a piece of sponge and just cut it into a Pacman shape. You can also buy different colored sponges to have a variety of Pacman and the ghost squad by cutting them into different shapes. Who knows, you can even use your creativity to make a big Pacman game with all the ghosts and Pacman with fruits and stuff in it. Apart from that, even kids can help their mom while washing dishes or cleaning some thing with this Pacman sponge as it’s really attractive, especially for kids.

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Via : Foolishgadget