Pacman Tattoo: A Real, Geeky Tattoo

The mention of Pacman does bring in a lot of nostalgia, but what do you think of a real Pacman tattoo? If you have never heard of it before, let alone see it, here’s your chance to set your eyes on a cool and somewhat intimidating Pacman tattoo.

This geeky tattoo needs to be applied on your knuckles. The idea is that it would gobble the pac-dots across your knuckles and move to the other extreme to eat the blue colored ghost. The only problem is that Pacman has to travel in a straight line across your knuckles and can’t enjoy its usual movements in a maze. However, who’s complaining when you get to sport your favorite Pacman tattoo on your knuckles?

Though many discerning onlookers have opined that this might be an artwork done in pen or might even be a fake one that’s done via some Photoshop tricks, it doesn’t really matter as long as you get to sport those lovely, tiny creatures for everyone to see.

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Via: Geekologie