Philips Light Radio Alarm To Make You Early Riser

I know that for most of the people including me also waking up in the morning is the most tiring job in the world. Especially when you sleep late at night and then wake up early in the morning, it’s the worst things one can do. To help out Philips presents this Light Radio Alarm.

People like us just don’t like leaving our bed but to make wake ourselves forcefully, we put high volume noisy alarms and stuff which are not only irritating but even have a bad effect over our body and hormones. To save us from those types of horrible alarms, this Light Radio Alarm is not only wake us up in a gentle and natural way but even have positive affects on our hormones. This wakes us more naturally then the cocks in our villages.

This device uses two ways of waking you up i.e. its wake-up lights and its wake-up sound. The time when you set your alarm on, starting from exactly half an hour before the wake up time, the lights starts glowing and steadily increases until the intensity of the light is not the one which you had selected.  The slowly falling light on your eyes start sending messages to your brain asking it to increase the cortisol production which is our energy hormone. And you will feel the brighten sunlight waking you up.

The natural wake-up sound also works in a similar way by starting from a friendly beep to gradually increasing and reaching the volume you had selected. For alarm tones, you can select natural sounds like birds chirping to your favorite radio station or songs from the built in digital FM radio. So just pay $49.99 and waking up won’t be a problem any more.

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