Kratos God of War Computer Mod is Way Too Intimidating

kratos god of war computer pc mod

I know that God of War fans will love anything that mentions GOW, Kratos or utter and senseless Video Game violence, but please have a second look at this PC computer mod and see if you would feel good going to sleep at night with Kratos watching over you.

This crazy mod is nothing more than a huge, life sized (from stomach and up) Kratos figure that is built over a computer tower case. Now I know that it is well made, awesome looking and provides tribute to the amazing video game series, but then again…it is a ‘video game series’! I admit that the result looks amazing, the realism would make any GOW fan excited, and the execution is awesome, but wouldn’t a cool PS3 Mod be a better bet for this video game character?

We do not have actual specs of what the Kratos PC is made of inside, but the outside is for anyone to be a judge of. Kratos is made angry looking, as you could only expect, war painted and even has blood on his sword, which brings back the scary factor. Overall, it is still one of the best mods I have ever seen implemented. Still, I am waiting for the Playstation 3 God of War version.

Via: AndAfter Via: Kotaku