24 Cool Steampunk Weapons from Another Era

Steampunk may bring to your mind images of brass, copper and retro gadgets that seem to be inspired by the Industrial age, when in fact, the term Steampunk in its purest form refers to the sub-genre of fiction writing or science fiction which deals with anachronistic technology from the Victorian Age. Loosely applied, it refers to the innumerable gadgets, fashion and lifestyle products that have been created after being inspired by steam age, and industrial age.

Steampunk Art has that raw and primeval appeal with which one could go back to the ages of lawlessness, and of wars and violence. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we found out that most people who are interested in Steampunk are also fascinated by Steampunk weapons. Here is an amazing list of 24 Cool Steampunk Weapons which remind you that weapons are meant to kill, no matter how beautiful they look.

Annihilating Steampunk Weapons

Weapons have always been associated with destruction, violence and death, and some weapons have been used to carry out genocides, massacres and annihilation of humanity in several countries, and in several periods in history.

These elimination weapons in a Steampunk garb remind us that man is capable of killing his own kind, and that too in surprisingly inhuman ways.

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Futuristic Steampunk Weapons

They say, money never goes out of fashion, and I would reply and say that weapons shall never go out of fashion. Thus, you could imagine to see sophisticated and even deadlier weapons in the future, but what would these weapons look like?

The Futuristic Bioshock Pistol makes me not want to think about future if violence, war and such weapons may take place in our society.

The Particle Beam Pistol and Old Vic Retro Pistol seem to tell us that the future generations would meet their gory ends not through bullets, but in the way of beams and minute particles which can’t be seen through the naked eyes.

The Futuristic Saber Pistol looks awesome, and really ominous as well.

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Steampunk Guns

Guns have been the most popular weapons for many centuries. Wars have been fought, won and lost thanks to guns. These guns in their Steampunk garb seem to tell us the story of man’s favorite weapon through the ages.

A stylish handmade Steampunk gun. Who would pull the trigger?

A model of a Steampunk gun found at an unknown place.

A couple of Steampunk guns including the cool Nerf Gun that seem to be inspired by the popular cultures of science and the way it is represented through media.

This cool Steampunk Raygun is something that I would love to have, but hope that it won’t work!

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Steampunk Knives and Daggers

Knives, daggers and swords have always been used to defend oneself and to kill. Steampunk weapons naturally would include these sharp edged weapons through which one can either behead someone or chop off a part of the body.

This Steampunk Dagger could be used by the royals, who always found stabbing oneself in times of defeat, a noble way to die.

This cool Steampunk Swiss Knife is one of the noblest, and could be used for more constructive purposes like spreading butter, and slicing bread.

The Steampunk Sword certainly does not look pleasant, but it definitely looks really majestic.

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Laser Steampunk Weapons

Laser would be the medium through which future humans would heal each other, and also destroy each other. Thus, these Steampunk weapons that use laser are quite the way to defend and assault people.

This is what is being touted as the “Aether Disrupter”. It either has something to do with the ancient Greeks, or electromagnetic particles. Go figure!

The Laser Graflex 3 Cell Lightsaber looks kick-ass and could bring Star Wars geeks to love such Victorian art.

This is a retro looking, Steampunk gun which looks majestic in its own way.

This Laser Steampunk Pistol comes with the tell-tale metallic look, for which Steampunk is known.

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Steampunk Rifle

Rifles remind me of the police. Perhaps a battalion that has a common interest in all things that are Steampunk, can take a look at this cool Steampunk Rifle. They could use it instead of regular rifles.

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Steampunk Wearable Weapon

Wearable weapons are always far more sinister. Someone who wears weapons can be quite ominous indeed. I would stay afar from anyone who wears this Steampunk Wristgun, but also if it wasn’t Steampunk.

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Weird Steampunk Weapons

Steampunk always borders on the edge of being fantastic and weird. Here are some weird and bizarre Steampunk weapons.

I can’t believe weapons could actually look this sinister! I am sure I would never go near anybody who has something like this. Of course, I would not mind owning one of these weird Steampunk weapons!

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Steampunk of course is not reserved for just weapons. It is an idea of creating something that takes us back to the Industrial Age, which was also the period when the Western Civilization and mankind as a whole lost what could be called “innocence”. Thus, the Steampunk gadgets and devices remind us that this generation too shall pass, only to be replaced by something far more advanced.