Cinematograph HD Mod is The New Hybrid For Next Gen Geeks

Starting from the first programmable computer created in 1936-1938 by Konrad Zuse, computers have been ransacking the technological market sales since then. Prior to tell about this Cinematograph HD excellently designed by Will Urbina I should explain a little about the back ground.

Each passing second has been leading to a creation of a new improvisation of the computer in both aesthetic quality and functionality like first the computers were as big as rooms and slowly they became smaller and smaller and then came desktop PC.

After those Laptops, Notebooks and Palmtops were created which enabled us to carry it wherever we wanted to with most advanced Technology and now here is a personal creation which I can call it as a hybrid of laptop and desktop machine. This one erases that minute missing link in between both the devices which not only enhances the performance without compromising with any requirements but also is portable.

This Cinematograph HD which has been named after Lumiere Brothers creation, like Write Brothers they are also famous after creating the device to lead to made the first motion pictures in the 1890’s.

The best thing about this system is that it doesn’t only supports a full sized ATX motherboard but even makes 5.35” Hard drive fit in it. Along with those humongous numbers, it also fits 2 x 22” LCD displays, 10 W stereo speakers with 5.25” optical drive and an additional storage area for keyboard and mouse transportation.

The only thing required for its working is an electrical socket to plug it in. It also provides excellent HD image quality and its metallic colored case gives the whole package a killer look.

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