Coffee Mugs that will Steam Up your old Arcade Games

Going through some stuff I came across these cool coffee mugs that were a bit different from the usual stock as they are perfect mugs for retro gamers. Apart from the steaming coffee there was one more striking feature of these mugs that made them an indispensable part of my study table ever since, they could all display some of my favorite arcade games graphically once some freshly brewed coffee was poured into it, giving me the perfect kick I need every morning.

Mugs that display graphics have been around for some time now, but I assure you that none of them have ever displayed any cool gaming logos, let alone the gaming graphics. These mugs have been created keeping in mind the needs of the intellectual brains of the world who can never let go of their gaming.

One of the mugs displays an empty maze, but once some hot beverage is poured into it, ka-boom! the whole mug is filled with the miniature 8-bit ghosts and our all time favorite character Pacman; while a similar one depicting the Space Invaders is also available, it displays and empty starry night before it is filled with the invaders from outer space. Selling for just $7.99, they might soon become an integral part of most of the tables and kitchen shelves in the world.

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