Enhance Your Macbook with Bundle Stick Figure Decals

I agree with the notion that brilliant ideas always sell, but how about furnishing a new brilliant look to your laptop with the cute stick figure decal bundle? These are all the handy work and creative ideas of LapTatt.  No doubt there are a lot of figures to choose from, but this black vinyl stick figure decal bundle consists of 5 decals viz., Leaning Stick Figure, Figure pushing apple, Figure relaxing on couch, and Stick figure lifting the macbook apple x 2 and fits Macbook 13, 15 & 17 sizes. The bundle costs $29.

After glancing at the figures it seems the figure in the “Leaning Stick Figure” decal has found the Newton’s apple from his courtyard! As a gravitational reaction apple fell not on his head but on his body. The apple is so heavy for this figure that he is dragging it to his living room in the “Figure pushing apple” decal.  In the third “Figure relaxing on couch” decal figure is thinking just like Newton, possibly what to do with it. Lastly, the “Stick figure lifting the macbook apple x 2” shows that figure got some idea of doing something with it.  What do you think?

On a serious note, apart from laptops these decals figures would look great on any other surface, where you can convince your colleagues. Due to the success of these decals figures; beware of cheap quality copycats. Other Macbook decals which inspired in the past include: Check List Decals and Jules Laptop Decals .