Chinese Sword USB Flash Drive for the Stylish Geek Warrior

Geeks are the modern warriors who survive in the virtual world with gadgets and geek accessories as their main weapons and armors.  Here is Sword USB Flash Drive for the most stylish geeks who take their games and make believe world of games tad too seriously. This USB drive literally looks like a authentic Chinese sword and just like the small Chinese sword the power of USB flash drive is very deceptive, no one knows amount of secret data, games or even worms it can store which can empower or annihilate any modern computer.

The Chinese sword design is a true winner for most geeks are huge fans of weapons for the power they unleash and USB flash drive is their true weapon which they always carry around with them just like Chinese warriors carry the sword.

This USB drive costs start from around $22 with 2 GB storage capacity and it supports all kinds of operating systems.  If you are truly a stylish geek then you can check out other interesting USB flash drives which have featured on these pages earlier like the Yin Yang USB Flash Drives or the Ninja Suriken USB Drive.

Via Geek Alerts