Thundercats Lion-o Plush Doll is One of Cutest Things I have Ever Seen!

thundercats liono plush dolls

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Hooooo! Everyone who has grown up on the Thundercats is most likely a die hard fan still today, and it is always exciting to see the old classic show’s character resurface in one way or another. In this version, the famous Lion-o from the Thundercats is back in the cutest plush doll I have ever seen in my entire life!

liono thundercats plush doll

Not only am I a crazed Thundercats fan that is happy to see any mention of Lion-o and the rest of the gang, yet I will shout it proudly without a care in the world. And the best thing is that you do not have to be a major fan like me, nor do you have to be a fan whatsoever to appreciate this handmade plush that shows Lion-o in his courageous style and still wild as ever.

thundercats liono doll

The previous time I have seen Lion-o surface was on the front of a Thundercats Xbox 360 Paintmod that was out of this world. This new one may not be as techy, but it is probably much better. Moreover, it is a wonderful plush doll which can be taken anywhere and just like a cherished child, I would show it to all my friends and relatives. OK, so I may be sounding a little obsessed, but who wouldn’t want a Lion-o plush doll?

thundercats liono plush doll

Well, it is up for sale from the maker Loveandaandwich for $195, so unfortunately, I personally would have to wait and save up my pennies. How about you…are you getting one?

liono thundercats plush dolls

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Via: Albotas