iPhone 3.1.3 Blackrain Jailbreak is Not Gonna Happen According to Geohot

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Update (November 29, 2010): How to Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G with Ultrasn0w 1.2, PwnageTool 4.1.3 and Redsn0w 0.9.6b5

Official Update (June 23, 2010)Official iOS 4 Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G from the iPhone Dev Team.

Jailbreak Update: iOS 4 Jailbreak for Developers iPhone 3GS and for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G .

Update: There may be an iPhone 3.1.3 Jailbreaking  method, you could learn How To Jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 with Snowbreeze along with a tutorial video.

Update 2 (March 26, 2010): Geohot Untethered Jailbreak Tease.

George Hotz, also known as the famous Geohot hacker who has Jailbroken and Unlocked the original iPhone, then again provided the iPhone 3GS Jailbreak with Blackra1n and has started messing with the new PS3 Hack, has had some shattering news. According to Geohot, it seems that the new Apple iPhones that are running iPhone 3.1.3 OS cannot be jailbroken with Blackrain and may not be possible to Jailbreak at all. To add some extra salt on our wounds, he says that ‘there is no untethered jailbreak’*, which is some real depressing news.

*New: tethered iPhone 3GS Jailbreak

Geohot has managed to provide Jailbreaking methods to previous iPhone models including the newest iPhone 3GS, yet the newest Apple iPhone’s firmeware consist of additional specs that are not allowing the regular Jailbreaks to happen. Moreover, although Blackra1n did in fact Jailbreak previous iPhone 3GS up to (and including) iPhone 3.1.2, this was still a tethered Jailbreak*. This meant that if you have Jailbroken the iPhone 3GS with Blackrain (and you were beyond certain RAM specs), then if the device is rebooted, turned off or restarted, you would HAVE TO connect it again and Jailbreak it once more for it to boot up and function properly.

Important iPhone Jailbreak Notes: For those that are itching for the new iPhone 3.1.3 OS (even though it doesn’t really add much), then the Dev Team may have found an iPhone 3.1.3 Jailbreak for the previous iPhone and iPod Touch models, using the Redsn0w 0.9 version (NOT INCLUDING iPhone 3GS and newest iPod Touch). You can find the instructions, warnings and steps straight at the Dev Team site.

If you run across real iPhone 3.1.3 Blackra1n Jailbreak info, an untethered Jailbreak or more updates from Geohot, then please share the news with the rest of us below.

*it is a tethered Jailbreak for certain iPhone 3GS models that are above a specific Boot Rom version. For those below, it is an untethered Jailbreak. Thanks Nick for the correction!

iphone 3.1.3 blackrain jailbreak

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76 thoughts on “iPhone 3.1.3 Blackrain Jailbreak is Not Gonna Happen According to Geohot

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  2. Wire87.


    I have an iPhone 3GS which I have jailbroken with blackra1n.

    When I try downloading some new apps through the Apps Store it asks me to upgrade to 3.1.3.

    My question is, is this safe to do, and can I continue to use blackra1n or can I upgrade to 3.1.3 and jailbrake again without losing my apps?


  3. Ashlei.

    i jailbroke my phone and now it won’t boot up or even show up on itunes, it freezes no matter what. please help me!

  4. Dan.

    Hey guys,
    i have an IPhone 3gs 3.1 jailbroken. i am pretty happy with my phone, but recently when ive been downloading apps ona few it says i need to upgrade to 3.1.3 to run the app. so i think i’m ready to upgrade, but i have a few questions:
    1. How can I backup all my jailbroken apps?
    2. What is the best walkthrough to use?

    thanks in advance guys

  5. leggoman.

    im so pleased you lads are just great
    iphone 3gs 32g
    updated in itunes and should not have ended up with
    base plain 05.12.01
    jailbreaked with spirit
    to used ultrsn0w and wow unlocked my phone
    thank you to every one that had a hand in bringing this unlock to us that had updated and ended up with no way to unlock

    thank you guys so much

  6. tsduf.

    Yhanic , Thats what we’ve been waiting for too.. We just have to deal with it untill they figure out a way to downgrade it and use blackra1n to jb.

  7. Yhanic.

    Hey, Today I accepted the upgrade of 3.1.3 but I wasn’t thinking straight when I did. Is there a way to install the 3.1.2 on to my Iphone ?

  8. georocks.

    man this suxks i finally got an iphone 3gs,, i have two iphone 3g and one ipod touch .. all are jail broken with 3 plus firmware.. but after a long time of wait i finally brought an iphone 3gs from a friend .. jus to find out it is 3.1.3 .. i love iphone so much i was so delighted abt 3gs .. now i dont knw what to do .. i wish some how geohotz gets a 3.1.3 unlock .. plzz .. u r the best

  9. ant.

    kg,before you go for droid check out some of htc phones, they have slot of good phones.I find they have a app software you can make your own apps no charge and do whatever you want! apple limit us alot…I think when contract is up I may get droid eris or htc pro 2

  10. KG.

    So it’s been about 1 week since my Iphone finally lost its jailbreak. It bricked and there was no other way but to restore it. I tried every firmware from 3.2 down to 3.0 and it just wouldn’t work. I tried deleting the back up as well. No go.

    Since then, on Friday night to Monday, I’ve been trying the Nexus One. I had high hopes it would give me the functionality and openness I wanted. It did. It’s decent and the screen is beautiful. There are some quirks though. I think I’m going to end up going back to the Iphone and ATT this week. Most of the apps I needed and use are on the Android. It’s just little conveniences I miss.

    You can find my opinion at: http://ow.ly/1cR5x

    I hope we can still find a jb answer somehow. I’ll be looking as well.

  11. Mike.

    I am in the same boat as eki. I have a 3gs with 3.1.3 and went to the above site to download 3.1.2 and 3.0. I tried to restore with both and get this message after it tried to verify with Apple: “the device isn’t eligible for the requested build”. I am new to this JB thing so if you talk to me like I am three I would appreciate it:)

  12. ant.

    well you gotta tell me your error what it says if you want my opinion 😛
    also make sure you have the right FW! let me know what the error says if it’s one I came across Ill tell you what I did

  13. eki.

    hey ant i tried ur method.. when i try to downgrage to 3.0 on my 3gs from 3.1.3 it gives me an error after verifying with apple.. do you know how to get past that? i got a new phone so i never jailbroke it and got it with the 3.1.3 on it already 🙁

  14. ant.

    the guy I work with, his iPhone is 3gs and he was the one that I seen his jb and I had to do mine…he mention that quick pawn whatever it’s called but I know nothing of 3gs…

  15. rasmusbraun.

    Could this thing you talking about, work on a iphone 3gs that has never been jailbreaked – but with 3.1.3 installed – and then downgrading

  16. ant.

    thanks man, i’m at home now gonna check it out lol, i zoomed home! that same text tone was irritating the life out of me hearing over and over!

  17. ant.

    awesome! ringtones I can do, text tones is what I want to do and would appreciate it when you get time, no rush and thanks man

  18. KG.

    Ah, it is the same site. It’s just that I use an url shortener to post the link.

    I can’t take all the credit though. The process was suggested by someone on youtube back when I first got my iphone. I wasn’t happy with it stock and I was going to return it. Since I was told pressing “restore” would get the phone back to normal (for warranty concerns), I jailbroke the first day! It’s been great ever since.

    I have my own instructions on changing UI sounds and ringtones if you need them. I’ll post the instructions on my blog for you and anyone else who needs them. You can comment There if you have any problems. I’d like to keep this Walyou site as clean and specific as possible. Less work for the moderators 🙂

    my site is at http://ow.ly/19D9F

  19. ant.

    that is the exact site I got it from and I did go 3.0 before 3.1.2
    I didn’t know it was a exploit cause I just did it off guessing lol.I was thinking if I posted the site it would bleep it out on this site hehe. yea man I did go 3.0 first because I was mad that I couldn’t do pictures and I said the hell with it and tried update firmware 3.1.2 and it worked first time.maybe it’s my pc on itune settings but it wouldn’t let me downgrade til I deleted the backups in iTunes in advance tab I believe. you have done it and knew of that site before I did so you would know before I would lol I just got lucky and tried it. hopefully people will read that you have the answer on here so nobody can stress to jailbreak, I’m glad I did it that’s for sure! i’m trying to understand ssh so I can custom ringtone and I’ll probably cry on here on how to do it once I try it later this week lol

  20. KG.

    Hey Ant,

    I know u preferred a direct email but for everyone here, I posted this like a while back. http://ow.ly/14Fem

    I got all the firmwares from 3.0 to 3.1.2 here for safe keeping just in case I need to restore sometime. Is that where you got yours?

    I remember the first time I jailbroke, we needed to go from 3.1.0 to 3.0 first in order to jb. I wonder if that door is still open and maybe you found it.

    I’d like to see if the 3.0 you got is the same one. Also, if anyone else has tried this and it worked for you … with or w/o deleting backups, let us know.


  21. ant.

    what error are you getting? if compatible prob then you got the wrong firmware, also in your iTunes under advance delete your back ups see if that helps…I mean hell you can get it all back, but soon as I deleted my back up in iTunes all I did after that is hold down shift and installed 3.0 firmware…then I did 3.1.2 and the only reason why I did 3.0 is cause I thought it would have text pics and it didn’t so basically I went in this order when I deleted my iTunes back up!
    3.1.3 down to 3.0, up 3.1.2 and I’m staright!

  22. Juice.

    I upgraded my iPhone 3gs to 3.1.3, and now I can’t use it anymore. 🙁
    I tried to downgrade it to 3.1.2 but it didn’t work. Does anybody know is there anything else I could do?

  23. ant.

    caius, that’s how I did it! if anyone can’t find the file email me I’ll reply the link where I got 3.1.2
    myinsipidreality at yahoo dot com.if I don’t send right away I’m at work or training but will reply

  24. Caius.

    to downgrade look for a 3.1.2 ipsw file and shift click on restore in itunes it will then ask you were the file you saved earlier was and locate it then you will be able to jailbreak it!


  26. ant.

    kg, I have in my bookmarks at home the site I went to and got my 3.0 and 3.1.2 and I don’t know if going 3.0 before 3.1.2 makes a differ but if you can’t find a legit one and it says not compatible it’s cause it’s for itouch.I know this cause when I looked at my downloads on was for itouch that I accidently downloaded and tried the wrong one. keep me posted what happens, sorry in advance if you gotta get things back cause all I lost was the music I had, I didn’t know much about apps so I didn’t have many.I’ll text my wife if I’m not at home and get her to forward the link to me to get to you. also the droid? trust me it has slot of bugs! I work for a verizon wireless support center and the droid Eris is better and it’s just like iPhone! my opinon though, but yea let me know how it goes so I know I did something I had no clue how I did it lol, also that 5.12.01 it says on mine and carrier 5.5 in case you needed info

  27. Mikey ip.

    i am working on a jailbreak and unlock for 3gs baseband 5.12.01.
    I plan to release this BEFORE the big boys to show that they are not lazy or holding back, but becuase they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH to beat Apple this time HA HA HA

  28. KG.

    Thanks Ant,

    That’s great news! I’m glad it worked for you. That method hasn’t worked for everyone but I doubt people have thought of erasing their backups or even want to if they have hundreds of apps like me 🙂 But anything is worth a jb. I’m taking pics of all my apps now so I can find them again just in case little by little.

    I know that I plan on trying the shift bypass if I have to before any connection to apple for restore or anything like that. I hope that if I ever have to restore during this time, that will help. Now I have another method to try thanks to you. Thanks. Others if they can should try this too and let us know how it works.

    I know Geohot must be totally overwhelmed by the ungrateful and that might be what is making him avoid doing another jb (I can only speculate from past posts) but I hope that he and other devs who have the skill realize they are doing this for the good of the community over those loudmouths that seem to think they are entitled to the resources of developers just because they wrote a break once.

    The truth is that Apple is a very closed company, they want to give it to you THEIR way or the highway and most people right now choose to let Apple spoonfeed them. That’s sad. Most internet communities are about openness and sharing resources and knowledge, apple is totally the opposite. If I had the skill, I would work night and day on the jb just to stick it to apple. That’s not a good way to do business, it’s a way to build a dependent empire of slaves. (IE all the ppl that will buy the worthless iPad).

    We need to do this for the nature of the internet and so future companies don’t do business this way.

    Ok, that’s my soapbox speech for the week. I’ve already decided, if my jb fails in the future, I will go to verizon and to android. I’m gonna sell my iPhone for it’s price plus breaking my contract. It’s so sad, people will jump on it.

  29. ant.

    also I tried snowbreeze and that ireb thing and it didn’t work for me, blackra1n did when I downgraded! also before I deleted my backup file it was a error I got trying to do it but when I deleted my back up it worked! I don’t know nothing about baseband and all that jazz, I just seen in my settings my firmware and I was glad that I’m 3.1.2 I can’t recall if I used quickpwn cause I tried so many methods but I do know when I deleted my previous restore in iTunes I was able to downgrade!
    I hate apple because I had to jailbreak my phone just so I can have a pic in the background and have a text tone I prefer! a freaking flip phone can have a pic on home screen and this phone got all this apps and all I could do is have a pic on my sleep mode that goes away when you slide your bar lol! now i can see my pic!

  30. ant.

    3.1.3 can be jailbroke! I never done anything to my iPhone and I stayed up to date..I tried all methods on YouTube and I got to a screen loading jailbreak and it froze, then I was so confused of all the back ups I had on iTunes I deleted my back ups in advance settings in iTunes! I went and downgraded to 3.0 and it worked! then I seen I couldn’t do text pics so I downloaded 3.1.2 and I held down shift to restore the firmware and I had my previous back ups deleted on iTunes! after I got 3.1.2 I ran blackra1n one time and it worked! don’t know if debs see this but maybe they can research how it worked for me!

  31. SexyAmy.

    PLEEEEESE George, Please!! Help me. My 3G which worked perfectly under Blackra1n went into Recovery Mode and and Restoring (w/ 3.1.3) was my only option. Please Please Please release an updated version of Blackra1n.


  32. AleXPhobia.

    Geohot, PLEASE make a new jailbreak for the 3rd generation iTouch firmware 3.1.3!
    I accidentally updated because my iPod went into recovery mode, and I had to restore and update….
    I know you just hacked the PS3 and everything, but still.
    I beg of you.

  33. ALEX.

    I aCCidently upgraded to 3.1.3 because i had to do it!! :~~~( i had some issues with my iphone so i was forced to restore it, and ofcourse apple will not let you restore without upgrading to 3.1.3 ! :~(
    thats really depressing week.end :~(

    i wish blackra1n will come up with a new way to jailbreak this version before iPad is released :~~(

  34. The Walyou Team.

    @Nick, you are right…there are some iPhone 3GS that are will not have a tethered jailbreak, but it is limited to the iPhone 3GS models that have an older Boot Rom version. A few months ago Apple has updated the specs and since then…it is a tethered Jailbreak only.

    Thanks for the correction.

  35. Nick.

    In your article you said: “Moreover, although Blackra1n did in fact Jailbreak previous iPhone 3GS up to (and including) iPhone 3.1.2, this was still a tethered Jailbreak.”

    That is FALSE, i have a Jail-broken (with Blackra1n) iPhone 3GS with 3.1.2 on it and it is not a tethered Jailbreak. I have only had to jailbreak it once. I have hard reset my phone, standard reset, soft reset and used it with iTunes, and have not had to rejailbreak it once.

  36. How to downgrade firmware to 3.1.2.

    There is a way to downgrade your iPod/iPhone firmware to 3.1.2… but ther isn’t a way to downgrade an updated iPhone baseband.

  37. Gg.

    For iPhone … Can’t just go back to 3.1.2 cuz apple messes with the band when updated to 3.1.3 so no dice. Snow doesn’t work …. Haven’t heard of one jail break using it. I am back to a dial up phone hope someone figures it out quickly.

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  39. calvin.

    Zee. i bought my ipod 3g touch and it was on 3.1.2 firmware but i accidently upgraded
    to 3.1.3 how can i downgrade cause i have lost my jailbreak and im pissed. help me

  40. cyboj.

    I’m trying to restore my 3g 3.1.2 iPhone, which was jailbroken but now won’t reboot. Even when I press shift-restore, I get the “Restore and Update” button which seems like it will unconditionally upgrade to the “newest version” which is 3.1.3. Is there any way to just restore back to 3.1.2?


  41. KG.

    Hey guys,

    There are videos for all those questions on youtube.

    All except for the ipod touch firmware. I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t on the link I gave above.

    Check youtube out though. I’m kinda in a hurry, if I can make more notes when I get home, I will.

    Thanks for searching.

  42. breezy.

    you can only have a non tethered jailbreak for 3.1.2 iphone if u have the lower baseband u must have the old baseband. u can find out threw settings, general, about and scroll to the bottom. where it says modem firmware it cant be 05.11.07 it has to be one of the lower ones. sorry dont know the exact baseband. but if yours works dont update the baseband. i think it has something to do with the bootloader

  43. GLunds.

    Can any1 explain to me how to restore back to 3.1.2?
    My ipod went into recovery and i restored it and it automatically updated it

  44. KG.

    To those that have lost Jb, try this and tell us if it works.


    you can download 3.1.2 here and try to re-blackrain it. I’d like to know if this really works. There is a report that says Apple won’t allow it anymore though when it goes through the software check. Just press and hold shift when you hit restore in itunes and choose the 3.1.2 file.

    There is also something called Snowbreeze, if you can try this, it might be another option:


    I’m not a programmer so I don’t have any other information than this but I’d love to know if these work or not.

    If you have NOT lost Jb, I would say, do NOT go to 3.1.3 just to test these.
    If you have lost it, you have nothing to lose and a community to gain 🙂 Please tell us if these work.

    Many Thanks! In advance!

  45. Russ.

    Just a question, I Jail Broke my iPhone using Black Ra1n, and it isn’t tethered. I have a 3GS, I have turned it on and off many times and rebooted it, and my jailbreak is still there. Are you just talking about the newer versions of the 3GS?

  46. Simonskills.

    WTF!?I upgrade to 3.1.3 and lost my jb’d.fuck.please find a way FAST!I miss the brightness,the colors and hello kitty!:[

  47. ironhayden.

    see there is a way to downgrade but it only worked febuary 1 & 2 theres this soo meney wed sites on it and youtube videos and its amazingly easy but well every one who updated is pretty much done for so just wait for a new red sn0w well i liked blackra1n better geo is too busy with the new found ps3 hack and does not care for his …fans? w,e and donaters so hes just worry about him self ohhwel ohh and green poison might be out in june.

  48. Astrid72.

    Ik wil ook JB-en.. Heb een nieuw toestel en heb dus direct 3.1.3 er op moeten zetten en kan dus sowieso niet downgraden. Hoop dat er snel een oplossing komt. Ander opties dan blackrain zijn ook prima wat mij betreft. Redsnow ofzo…

  49. tizzy.

    my iphone came up sayin it was in safe mode and the only way to get rid of it was to restore but i dint notice the 3.1.3 updated it an now i cnt jail break what is going on here an would just like to add that were the feed says if you powere off your phone it can’t reboot well for me mine was like this but i also jailbroke a m8s identical phone an he can turn his on an off as he likes without useing the computer an jw its black snow

  50. euphoriavision.

    Yo man just pop a roll, meditate, relax, and it will come to you. I have faith in you 3.1.3 a thing of the past….

  51. JW.

    If you want to restore your device back to factory setting, Apple forces you to update to 3.1.3, this is what happen to me when i mess up my Ipod Touch.

  52. KG.

    My phone bricked for some reason twice since jailbreaking. There was no other way to save it but to restore. I fear what will happen if it happens again. I’ll be non jailbroken – Nooooooooooooo! I hope geohot will take a crack at it or perhaps someone in the community will find a way to allow us to go back to 3.1.2 if we upgrade.

    I believe that’s how i first jb’d, I went back a version first although apple didn’t know it.

    For those who do restore after using blackra1n, anyone know if the new redsnow works on the 3GS?

  53. JR.

    Why would you want to upgrade? Keep your 3.1.2 with jailbreak! The benefits of the jailbreak outweigh the benefits of the “update” from apple a million times to one!


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