Walyou Random Roundup [2010/2/6]

Another great Walyou Random Roundup including some fun, entertaining and interesting posts from around the Web which we believe should be shared with the rest.

We hope you enjoy the roundup and have a wonderful weekend!

sexy police woman shoes
Police Woman High Heels are Too Sexy for a Cop

The Biggest Snack Food Stadium Ever
Physalia The Amphibian Ship: As Nora Send to Save The World

Epic Super Mario Land Rap
NES Controller iPhone Dock
Astronauts get ultimate wireless Internet connection on ISS
Gesture Cube enables touch-free gesture control in 3D space

Adidas + Star Wars = Abstinence

Snoop Dogg Unveils New Star Wars Sneaker

This Exercise Bike Xbox 360 Controller Mod Can Built Your 6 Pack Abs