Wine Bottle Puzzles Change the Course of Dinner!

How many regular family and friends’ dinner parties have you attended and wished that they were more fun, well, now is your chance to bring in some excitement into your dinner engagements. Wine and Champagne are customary gifts while attending such dinner functions and these bottle puzzles will increase the interaction among people at the dinner table. If you are interested, you have the option of a wine bottle puzzle which stands at 11.5″ tall, made of natural wood, or a bottle puzzle with a cork screw twist, each at only
$24.95, which might be a little more tricky to tackle, so you should take care not to break the bottle.

The next time you decide to attend such a function, be polite and carry along any of these bottle puzzles to make the evening more lively and exciting. Both these bottle puzzles are available for a good dinner time fun game. They are definitely more fun than the age old spin the wheel, or other card games at the dinner table.

You can also add more variety to your dinner table by using these Cipher glasses or arranging a Wine glass lit dinner date.