Alien Chestburster Cyborg PS3 Mod Looks Hideously Cool

We have seen dozens of cool PS3 mods that have shocked us, scared us and even made us laugh till our sides ached. The idea of using the Playstation 3 console as it is delivered by Sony is nice, but after a while we all get bored and we would like to modify to suit our tastes and needs.

alien ps3 mod

If you are a fan of Alien, you would certainly like this cool Alien Chestburster Mod, which looks quite hideous if you asked me.

alien ps3 mods

The console has an alien bursting through the “chest” of the PS3 and you could see its gnarling teeth and the ferocious expression. What might actually call for a warning by parents to not try and get this mod is the amount of blood that seems to be dripping from the console. The scary Alien Chestburster Cyborg mod was created by GivinTats, and was found at the Llama modding forums.

scary alien ps3 mod

I must say this one sure is a work of art, and it is not always easy to find something so gruesome and scary. However, I find the Alien Resurrected PS3 Mod much cooler than most of the mods I have seen, for it is really scary. If you are not into scary Alien stuff, check out the Portable PS3 Mod.

scary alien ps3 mods
Via: PS3Maven Via: Technabob Via: Llama