Upcoming Motorola Shadow Might be the Nexus Two; plus Nexus One Gets Multitouch Support

While the debate is still hot whether Google’s HTC Nexus One is the iPhone killer or not, we’ve already heard gossips aimed at identifying the possible successor of the world’s best Google Android phone till date. The word on the street is that the Motorola Shadow is in fact, the Nexus Two.

Motorola Shadow (pictured above) is indeed a very impressive device with 4.3″ touch screen and qwerty keyboard. Surely one of the most eagerly awaited launch of the year 2010, as the world gears up for iPhone 4G.

According the Street, Motorola’s CEO Sanjhay Jha revealed that the Company is working on as many as 20 phones in line for launch this year and one them will be sold directly to consumer with Google (it is the same way Nexus One was launched). So, until an official word comes out, either from Google or Motorola we cannot be very sure and have to do with speculations only.

Anyways, it seems reasonable to me to expect the Shadow receiving the Google’s brand name as the Google-Apple war has only intensified since the withdrawal of Google Voice app from appstore that also resulted in the Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt leaving Apple’s Board of Directors. The iPhone 4G is coming sometime around June which coincides with the launch of the Shadow also, thus providing Google with ample opportunity to challenge the Apple’s domination, once again.

Meanwhile, Google has declared an OTA software update which would enable the multitouch support (much longed after) on the Nexus One, Google Map version 3.4, Google goggles and improvements in 3G connectivity.

While users can now pinch to zoom in gallery and Google Mas, update under the latter features starred items, synchronization, search suggestions using the personal map history and lastly, night mode in Maps navigation. Pretty useful update! No? Also, Google goggles, launched back in December last year, will also be available in the Android market.

Via UnwiredView