Superbowl XLIV Special: Best 22 Football Gadgets for NFL Fans

If you are a fan of National Football League (NFL), you must be really looking forward to Sunday, for Super Bowl XLIV will take place where the New Orleans Saints will take on the Indianapolis Colts making one of the most awaited Football Superbowl games ever. It has been the championship game of NFL since 1967, and is the most watched American television broadcast with the game showing along with memorable Halftime performances and Commercials.

You could expect many singers, musicians to perform during Super Bowl XLIV this Sunday, and it is a great event that one cannot miss. Most people have this idea that football lovers are sports freaks who do not get along well with gadgets and geek stuff, but that is not necessarily true.

On the contrary, most guys who like Football also are quite geeky for that explains the number of new gadgets that have been inspired by Football. Here is a list of Best 22 Football Gadgets and Concepts to Have While Watching the Superbowl XLIV where the New Orleans Saints take on Indianapolis Colts.

Wii Football Controller

Once you begin to watch the football games on the TV, you might be tempted to play the game yourself. In that case, you should go ahead and get yourself the Wii Football Controller. It helps you simulate real football movements on a console.

E-ink Electronic Coach Playboard

football clipboard gadget

The Hi Tech Coach Clipboard Gadget comes with preloaded information about various games and fields and you would have to pick a game in order to sketch a game plan. It helps you visualize your football game.

Football Universal Remote Control

If you do not like to use the remote with just the Wii, this would double up as a Universal Remote Control. You could use the Football Universal Remote Control in order to manage all your video devices.


Football Phones and Cases

These NFL Trimstyle Football phones with Sound look great, and would be great to stay in touch with friends while watching football tournaments on the TV.

If you are a fan of Colts Universal, get the Colts Universal Team Cellphone Case for only $24.99!


Mattel Classic Football

This was one of the most popular games back in the 80s, but was launched as far back as 1979. You could choose the Mattel Classic Football Electronic Key Chain which costs $49.99. It plays just like the real game!

The Mattel Classic Football Game can be bought too, and could be a great way to spend time during commercial breaks on the TV. It costs $69.88.

Football Handheld Games

There have been several handheld games dedicated to Football, including the Classic Mattel game mentioned above. However, some of the coolest can be listed below, and I am sure you would love to play these.

NFL Handheld Trivia Game costs $49.99 and could be a great way to increase your knowledge about Football.

This cool handheld Football game by Bambino cost just $5, and was picked up by someone at a flea market in New York City.

If you are willing to spend a little more, you could check out the Fisher Price ESPN Fast Action Football Electronic Game Table. It costs $169.

If you like to feel the vibration when you hit goals instead of beeps, try the Excalibur NF07-08 NFL Vibrating Football for $40, and it looks pretty cool too!

The Excalibur NF-06 NFL GameTime Electronic Football comes with more than 1,000 play combinations and players get the opportunity to play head-to-head for glory. It costs $30.23.

On the pricier side, there is The Classic Electric Football Game With Lighted Stadium which is also a classic vibrating football game. It is quite similar to the original which was introduced in 1949. It costs $179.95.


Football Grill

There is nothing better than watching football with some juicy steaks. IOf you are fond of such steaks, why not grill them on a football themed grill? Charcoal Companion CC4050 The Football Grill costs $39.99.

Football Inspired Audio Products

There is nothing better than music being played out in the background, which gets drowned out by cheering crowds and commentary on the TV while watching football. Here are some cool Football inspired audio products.

The Football Helmet MP3 Player is a great gadget that would make any musical football lover crazy.

The SK 4000 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet by Parrot looks great, and is just the right stuff to pick up if you love music and Football together.

If you can’t go to bed without music, and can’t stop dreaming about Football, get yourself the Homelegance Speaker Twin Headboard for your bed, which costs $217.80.

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Football Clocks

There isn’t a single Football match that is bound by the rules of time. Even you as the audience, would always have your mind set on the time and when a player makes a goal and how much time is left. Thus, Football inspired clocks are mandatory gadgets for any Football loving geek.

The My Sports Football Clock is amazingly cool and looks as if you can bounce around with it.

The Trend Lab Wall Clock costs $17.95, and could be a great gadget to hang on the wall.

The Throw Alarm Clock costs $16.95, but I doubt it can be thrown around. Don’t try throwing it, for you may break it.

Virtual Distance Football

This cool fun gadget tells you what is the distance from the point of being thrown and the point where it lands. It costs $9.99.

The Automatic Professional Football Electronic Scoreboard

If you like to update scores of Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and other championships, you could buy this and it does not even need a computer or a subscription. It costs
after discount.

The availability of these gadgets reveals that a lot of products are available for those who love football, and that there are several geeks among football fans, and several football fans among geeks.

In the Super Bowl XLIV, American Football Conference (AFC) champion Indianapolis Colts shall play against National Football Conference (NFC) champion New Orleans Saints. The venue for Super Bowl XLIV is the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.