Horological Machine No2-SV Watch is Sturdy Just Like a Real Machine

The Horological Machine No2-SV wristwatch by MB&F is the most revolutionary timepiece that has ever been made on this earth. I know many of you must have loved the irresistible Tokyo Flash Independent Series Collection, but this one is a real killer for its looks and huskiness.

The new Horological Machine No2-SV Watch has an amazing hardness along with a complete transparent and hand-finished look. When it is about hardness and durability of this watch, you can keep it right next to diamond and it is scratch-proof too.

We saw that Kenny Scharf Watch Collection of Artist’s Series by Movado also used Sapphire like the Horological Machine, but it gets failed in its toughness if put under comparison. It is because of the use of 3.6mm thick Sapphire that the No2-SV qualifies as one of the toughest watches you have ever seen. It will remain as it is  whatever it goes through. It is through acids above 300°C only that this watch will be affected.

You must be wondering as to who created this fantabulous Horological Machine No2-SV? Who can think of such a brilliant thing and bring it into action? The answer to all such questions is only one name, master watchmaker J.M Wiederrecht. He has enriched this timepiece with everything possible that can make it an amazing thing. It has got concentric retrograde minutes, retrograde date, jump hour, automatic winding and a bi-hemisphere moon phase.

Technologically, the Horological Machine No2-SV is built with eight mounting bolts that navigate through the sapphire plate of its three dimensional case like pillars. The use of the blue colored gasket in both places like in the hard disk and in the moon phase along with the Battle-axe automatic winding rotor, made of 22k gold undeniably adds a striking look to the watch. The minute and date, both dials are kept in sapphire and the numbers are in silver so that the user of this watch enjoys complete and clear visibility of the movements.

This timepiece has been able to gather so much of appreciation and acceptance for it mainly because it is a hand-finished outcome and is not something machine-made. So, whether to name it as the best traditional craftsmanship timepiece or the one with best engineered technologies, it must be admitted by all that it in true sense is a 21st century timepiece.

A few nameable specifications of the Horological Machine No2-SV for which it has been able to create great admiration are:

  • Water resistant capacity up to 30 meters
  • Embraces 120 parts
  • 349 components including 44 jewels
  • 28,800 bph
  • Dimension of 59mm x 38mm x 13mm.

Above all these, the most important thing that can thrill one and compel to grab a piece of this watch is that it is available in a very limited number of 25 pieces only! Don’t you think it is unique?

MB&F Via: Watchluxus