Photovolataic Batteries Capable of Self Powering

Whether using an iPod or mobile phone or any other gadget thriving on electricity, battery level is the all-pervasive matter of concern. We gotta preserve the battery otherwise the ‘little piece of technology’ will loose its shine without its blood (fuel).

Okay.. lets move 3-4 years forward. What we have now are the newer and better generations of our new gadgets (Apple iPad, mobile phone, tablet, etc) but the batteries are not just the better version but they are an altogether different species of what we use today. What? In simple words, the new generation of batteries will charge themselves up, all by themselves meaning you don’t need to carry extra batteries or any portable charger (solar or otherwise). However, what is still needed is sunlight.

How? Come back to present where the scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have invented something that has never existed before (although many must have forethought). So what is it that is really GameChanging. The said ‘men of intelligence’ at the University have developed world’s first photovoltaic circuit, capable of charging itself when left in the beam of sunshine.

Right now the invention is in its infancy stage, so expect your environment to take a dramatic turnaround only after 3-4 years. Who knows, we might see a new generation of touch screen devices that power themselves while we’re using them. Hope it survives the 2012 doomsday!

The miracle is not just limited to consumer devices and it can have considerable impact on the consumer also if the predictions of ‘developing the brain model by using the circuits to set up as artificial neural networks’ are to be believed. Moreover, circuits will be of immense help in fueling tiny robotic devices or running the computer calculation at lightening speed.

Without any doubt, a revolutionary invention but currently its capacity is too low to power up any electronic device and obviously, attempts are being made at progressive rates to harness the potential by exploring various methods and procedures to improve the size of scope (practically). Did we say size? Then let me put this in your ear that, one member of the team believes that one amp and one volt can be contained in the sample which would be a inch long and thick equal to diameter of hair. In short, ‘hairy thin and just inch long’ self powering battery.

Thanks to guys at Discovery for enlightening us, in the hope that photovoltaic circuits get marketed in the shortest feasible time. Discussing technology, you won’t like to miss the 10″ touch screen projector and the USB microscope.

Via SlashGear