The Typewriter Calculator Brings Back Old Memories

Being a mechanical device where keys have to be pressed to make the characters get printed on a paper, Typewriter is one device which has been used from 1870 in almost everywhere where writing reports or anything else related to writing is necessary.

Although the word processors took over from 1980’s, but still even today there are a few places where typewriters are still used. By keeping the old antique writing device in mind, Mintpass has made this beautiful and efficient “Mint The Typewriter Calculator” which resembles the old mechanical typewrites of our grandparent’s times.

Of course this calculator doesn’t works with the same mechanics like the old typewriters used to, this one is electronic which only looks and replicates the analog memory from the typewriter. And in this typewriter calculator, you won’t have to press as hard as you had to on a real typewriter although the noise of pressing a button in the old typewriter has been kept intact.

This one also prints the equations and the answer on the paper. After typing the equation, press the “=” button and the answer will get automatically printed on the paper. This only has a few functions and number keys.

I wish they had created this one with alphabets then it would have had brought the old memories back because the fun and feel of typing in a typewriter is something which a keyboard can’t give. The Mintpass designers have done a wonderful job in trying to bring back the old times.

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