HR Giger Alien Wedding Cake: Show Your True Chest-Bursty Love

If you are planning for a wedding, then you are aware that the wedding cake is one of the major heart of a Wedding celebration and the point of attraction too. So why not make it something special and unconventional.

Have you watched the movie ‘Alien’ or may be if you’re a fan of it, then here’s something that can really make your wedding a memorable one. Make your wedding a bit unconventional with this HR Giger Wedding Cake and show your true chest-bursty love to your life-partner. This amazing Alien Wedding Cake is made by Jet City Cakes, which needs no introduction I guess.

The HR Giger Alien Wedding Cake is an example of skilled labor that features a bride and groom. Although it may look a bit weird, but this two little bride and groom are actually little Alien Chest Burster. If you really want to make your wedding a special one, why not make it an Alien Wedding with this marvelous HR Giger Alien Wedding Cake. For more collection of wedding cakes like this one, check the Periodic Table Chocolate Cake and the Pacman Wedding Cake.

Via: [Make]