Space Invaders are Mesmerizing with its Many Faces

If you have loved the arcade video game of Space Invaders, you will surely enjoy these colorful faces bearing a close resemblance to the pixelated enemy aliens that you used to shoot at while playing your Space Invaders game.

Coming in a wide variety of colors ranging from red, blue, black, and brown, many of these faces have a multicolored hue to heighten the aesthetic effect. While some of these colorful faces show emotions like crying, being surprised etc, some others depict famous movie, television or fictional characters like Rambo, Rudolph, Batman and his nemesis, the Joker. You can also find famous personalities’ faces like that of an angry Hitler being the inspiration behind one of these Space Invaders graphics. So, if you would love to put your love for the game of Space Invaders into some real life action, get hold of these Space Invaders graphics and enjoy playing with them.

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