Heineken Bot at Your Service

If you really like partying hard, then this high-tech Heineken Bot is just meant for you, for this bottle themed robot acts as your host and serves drink to any one around it. The genius folks of the Middlesex University crafted this model which could soon takeover the human bartenders..besides the Bartender Robot we seen before.

This robot is built with special characteristics which make it walk or stop according to the signals given to it. The beer robot, which was showcased at the Kinetic Art Fair in London, consists of a sonar-sensing head, which is used to stop this drifting Bot by hovering your hands above its head. All you have to do is raise your glass in front of him and place a cup in its holder for it to pour in some beverage!

It’s incredible to see this keg-on-wheels Bot continue to wander along its path programmed into it after serving a guest, until he is signaled by another. If you are tired of the boring bartenders, won’t these robot legs be apt for this modern world?

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via: Switched Via: Engadget