Surfacescapes Has Brought Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Gaming To the Microsoft Surface

I just don’t know who wacked his brains out and created this killer Microsoft Surface concept, but who ever has done it, it’s just superb! Say Hasta la vista to the old tabletop games and shake hands with the new age technology as Dungeons & Dragons Microsoft Surface is coming.

This is the next gen tabletop game which is a project made by some handful of student from Carnegie Mellon University. They have named this project as “SurfaceScapes” which has been created to show a proof-of- concept for playing tabletop role playing games on the Microsoft Surface Table.

They have specially used age-old and attractive designs of Dungeons and Dragons as the plot of this tabletop game. SurfaceScapes being a role playing game provides Game Masters and other players with different features which not only enhances the combat and their different role playing aspects of the game.

But it also makes the game much more fun and interesting. You can also interact with the digital in-game environment and use real objects for the game play. It means that the game gives visual and audio feedbacks using automated calculations for every move made by you.

As your characters will be miniature plastic figures with some mini electrical device attached in its base, every move made will be recorded by the game. This will help the players to continue the game some other time even if it is once interrupted.

I know you are just awe-struck with this and must be wondering that when will this be launched. I am also in the same mood. Although the cost is unpredictable at this moment but we can wait to see the same. Anyway you can have look to this project on March 2010 at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston.

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Via : Crunchgear