The Geeky Wolfang Keyboard Bench Design is For Resting Your Butt not Your Fingers!

As weird as this idea seems, sitting on a bench made up of millions of keys can be much more fun and comfortable that it originally felt as an idea, and this cool Wolfang Bench is here just to make that small little fantasy turn into a reality.

Designer Nolan Herbut created this piece of art by actually recycling and mounting around 2000 keys on a baltic birch wood bench thus doing our butts and our environment a huge favor, first by reducing the high amount of E-Waste we generate and secondly by giving our bum a nice and cosy place to rest upon.

This cool keyboard bench, unfortunately is not for sale but you can have a look at the Geeky Keyboard Stools or the Keyboard Chairs that can be the perfect new addition to your geeky office cabin.

If you are actually looking for something that really functions as a keyboard then you should probably check out the Alchemist Keyboard mod or the extremely strange Back typing Keyboard that will make you live an inverted life.

Be it a working keyboard or not, a keyboard still remains an integral part of our lives, and these cool images just proved to us it’s worth beyond the fundamental purpose of one!

Via: DesignMilk