Have Fun with the SkyBots RC Gadgets

If you want to enjoy some RC gizmo-wizardry with two flying robots for company, get this set of two SkyBots for £49.99icon. Your set will come with 2 robots, each having its independent controllers (which help you to charge your RC gadget) that work on independent frequencies.

The Skybots come with superb rotational control while flying in the air and have independent RC controllers that let them take off from the ground in their vertical position when you command. However, the most precious function is their laser, which can defeat your opponents by hitting their chest detector, thereby letting you rake up some precious points!

Weighing 21g including the rechargeable flight battery, each SkyBot measures 125mm in height, and would need 20-30 minutes to get fully charged. Once your SkyBot is raring to go with full charge, you will get a flight duration of 5-10 minutes before putting it for charge again. So, get your SkyBot duo now to enjoy your share of robotic chaos, fun and action – all heightened by the special sound effects generated by these robots.

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Via: Genie