Going Ga Ga Over Lady Gaga’s Dollar Bills

Kudos to US based artist Craig Gleason for morphing the Lady Gaga viz Ms Germanotta’s face with revered George Washington and that too on US Dollar bills.  Don’t worry, they are not going to be punished for this creative artwork as this is a series of hand-painted dollars. Lady Gaga is known for her oomph! She does things in a style and now come out with her own currency, which is also different from the dollar rate available in international market! Lady Gaga dollar is available for $15.
After glancing over the US dollar bills showing the different outfits of Lady Gaga, it is sure everybody would be amazed whether it is possible to morph the public currency by embedding one’s own face with that of the respected personality of the US. Anyway, Lady Gaga is different she can inspire anyone with her vigor.  In this case Craig Gleason would have been inspired so much so with Lady Gaga that he created a few brand-new hand painted dollars.

You may recall that in the month of December too, Craig Gleason created some dollars but these Lady Gaga dollars look fresh and different. These new outfit of Lady Gaga portrayed in dollars is inspired by her “Bad Romance”, video. These morphed dollars can be purchased through real dollars from Etsy shop or Craig Gleanson’s blog. If you a fan of Lady Gaga, you would definitely purchase the artistic dollars featuring Lady Gaga with the real dollars. Other such enticing designs which are akin to the Lady Gaga dollar include Funny Currency Notes and iPhone Playing Cards

Via : MTV