Engineering Students Would Love eNpad Tablet Concept

Mintpass, a company known for its groundbreaking products, has given the engineers a reason to cheer up with the introduction of eNpad. If you are thinking that this is another iPad Tablet like device, then I must tell you that it is very different from the tablet computers introduced in the market as this is especially devised for engineers and those who are in the field of science and mathematics. Equipped with all latest techniques and features the revolutionary eNpad works as a mathematical calculator, a writing pad, a graphing calculator, and also as a dictionary.

The goal behind the designing and the implementation idea of the Mintpass eNpad calculator is only to help out the engineering and science students in their studies and especially in their examinations. Among its numerous striking features the stylus holds a noteworthy place as it lets the users to write down the equations on the calculator pad, draw graphs and solve the mathematical problems just at the touch of the screen. This calculator, undoubtedly, is the best ever device for the students of math, science or engineering as all kinds of calculation work can be done without wasting any time. It seems like the eNpad is stuffed up with lots of features that indicate how properly executed technological device it is.

Unlike other scientific and financial calculators, the Engineer’s Pad does not come with a huge manual book and is thus very easy to operate. Think for once, you have got a scientific calculator one day prior to your examination and are going through the user manual only for the next day, forgetting all your lessons for the exam! It is for the writing feature of the eNpad that things have got far easier and in addition to that, the handwriting recognition facility is an added bonus point.

The eNpad works superbly as a graphing calculator too. The user will only have to put down the equations along with the variables and the constant and then the graph will be automatically drawn in the graph pad. It is not that while you are practicing the theories and formulas only it will be of use; it is now a portable dictionary too for you. So, any time and at anywhere, you can find out the meaning of any word that is not familiar to you and for that you will only need the Engineer’s Pad, the eNpad.

It is not that in an attempt to make this calculator a multi-purpose device, everything is being haphazardly put together in it. You can, in stead, find it to be a very stylish yet sober pad packed in great capacity and usability.  Just one thing bothers me and that is the straight frame of eNpad which unlike the eye catchy curved body of HTC evolve looks a bit old fashioned. May be because it is designed keeping in mind male’s personality. According to the manufacturer, lots of calculators have been designed for female students so, it is now time that the male student too should enjoy using best technologies and hence, is this latest creation.