The Rubik’s Cube Slide is the Modern Popular Puzzle Cube

rubik's cube slide

When it comes to classic games that everyone recognizes such as the New Monopoly Round Table, few are more of a household name than the Rubik’s cube. With the cube recently hitting it’s 30th birthday, it seems only natural that it would receive some updated improvements like, say, LED light display patterns and a sliding game pad along with 10,000 different puzzles to solve. The aptly named Rubik’s Slide will bring all of that to the table and more, if you think you can handle it, that is.

rubik's cube slide display

The updated version of the game challenges the player by having them copy the LED’s display patterns. When a round begins, the game will show a goal pattern and the player in turn will match it by shifting the top panel of the cube. This allows a lot more flexibility than it’s predecessor since it allows for a number of difficulties level and different gametypes. You can choose “Free Play” mode, for example, and solve various patterns at random or you can compete against the clock in the “Lightning Round,” where you’ll need to solve 10 puzzles before time runs out.

new rubik's cube slide game

I’m not sure what the obsession is with new board games having voice capability, but the Rubik’s Slide sports that as well. The game will constantly bombard you verbally with your difficulty level and score. Tracking high scores is all well and good, but what I’d really like to see is the ability to update your scores online. There’s nothing that draws in new players like good old competition. Of course considering how many Rubik’s Cube masters there are out there, maybe its better to live in blissful ignorance.  If you’re looking to get your hands on a Rubik’s slide of your own, you’ll be waiting for a little while. The game is set to release in the Fall of this year.

rubik's cube slide game

For another cool remake of the famous cube, check out the new Rubik’s Cube 360 which provides a completely new look and angle to the famed game.

new rubik's cube slide

Via: TechnoSource