The Fido Fashion Dog Leash Does What Nature Commands

Ever since its birth, the dog leash has proved itself to be a necessity for almost every dog owners but with the dawn of the modern age there has been a paradigm shift in design of the dog leash. The latest of which is this retractable leash that is endowed with the power to generate electricity.

Many new methods of conjuring electricity out of nowhere have been developed recently and this dog leash is no exception; the leash itself an evolutionary form of the standard retractable leash, the only difference being that it generates an electric charge from the retracting coil within it. However with all such technology the amount of charge generated by the coil mechanism isn’t very large but is used in an unique fashion; the charge is used to operate three LED’s which will light up the path in front of the dog walker.

Even though it may not seem like much, this tiny ray of light goes a long way when taking you dog out for a walk in the night( you know, to let him do his job) And it would also receive a nod from mother nature who is dependent on such gadgets to get her out of the predicament we’ve got her into And if your a animal lover this funny pencil sharpener is a must see.