Facebook Releasing Zero Image Free Mobile Version and Integrates Facebook Gmail Chrome Extension

Think of social networking websites and the very first name that pops up in our mind is Facebook, which was launched back in February 2004, and since then it has undergone many changes to cope up with the requirements and expectations of its users, arising during the various phases of its life span of six years and counting. One of such notable feature was Facebook lite, that was launched for the users located in US and India but hold on, the latest buzz suggests that Facebook will go one step further this time, with the introduction of Facebook Zero. The official announcement is imminent!

The news came into (web) light following the 20 minute keynote in the ongoing event in Barcelona (yes we are talking about Mobile World Congress) given by Chamath Palihapitiya, VP of Growth, Mobile and International at Facebook, that it will soon launch even lighter (i.e. image free) version of Facebook in the form of Facebook Zero. Basically it is a new version of m.facebook.com (as confirmed by Facebook) which will tear down data intensive applications like Photos. Huh, that was easy to predict judging by the new name. No?

Seems like the launch of Google Buzz (remember the location aware browsing phenomena) is the main reason propelling facebook to zero in on its own version for mobile. My guess, it will be a webapp for mobile, just like Google had it for iPhone and Android users at buzz.google.com. What’s your view?

The latest version of the Facebook can be found at zero.facebook.com, but there is nothing spectacular as of now to try. When you land up at the above address on your  mobile browser, it will notify you that your carrier is not supported. Don’t blame your carrier (and calling the carrier helpline would not do any favor) since there have been no confirmations from Facebook towards any deal whatsoever with any carrier so far. Surely, things are picking up the pace in the background. Expect more updates from carriers/Facebook, very soon. So in case you had rolled up your sleeves to make the hell out of the latest development, now you know what to do. Wait and for the time being, just roll back your sleeves. Just kidding!

Oh! I almost forgot the other part of the news glowing in the title. Yes, you can have Facebook integrated with your Gmail account, like you have buzz from Google. Thanks to guys at TechCrunch who found Google Chrome Facebook Extension. Apparently, facebook tab will appear below the Buzz tab but in case you wanna give it a try, Install the extension on your Chrome (sorry, Firefox and Internet Explorer users). Caution: choose wisely as it might overload Gmail above convenience.

Surely you got lot of views to share. Lets hear them in comments!

Via TechCrunch