Lego iPad may be the Latest Gadget Obsession

If you love thinking and trying things beyond imagination, and can’t wait to see the Apple iPad in your hands, then this Lego brick iPad will just make you feel like you are holding a real one. You have seen Lego house, a Lego doll, a Lego robot, and now you get to see the latest gadget obsession – Lego iPad.

If you are an Apple fan, and don’t want to wait for a few months till you can grab the iPad 3G version, you can let your imaginations flow with this Lego iPad, something that you can create on your own!

I agree it won’t look super-glamorous or really cool when you step out with it, but I can assure you that it will definitely grab all the eyeballs surrounding you. So if you are a Lego addicts out there, have some weekend fun with this unique concept and rainbow colored bricks from Bricks Journal.

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