3D Logitech Computer Mouse Branding Model

If you love the concept of 3D art, albeit with a tech angle to spice up things a bit, you will find this 3D Logitech computer mouse an interesting thing to look at.

The design is based on Logitech’s infra red 3D mouse, which is a three dimensional input device that you can use with your computer. The creator of this 3D computer mouse, Tim Cooper, has an amazing eye for detail as you can even see a gleam of light emitted by the base.

Be it the top of the mouse with a clip that has replaced the scroll wheel, the Logitech logo or the cable with the logo of Logitech all over it at a regular interval, the entire design speaks of a fruit of labor and a detailed observation power to make it look like the real one.

For some other 3D art, check out the VW bus art in 3D and the Adobe CS3 Icons Rubik’s Cube 3D Design.

One thought on “3D Logitech Computer Mouse Branding Model

  1. Chris.

    That has got to be the ugliest mouse ever made. “Attention to detail” does not mean putting microscopic, tacky little logos everywhere!

    When was this mouse made, 1988??? There is nothing new or well designed about his thing! Scroll strip? So much for horizontal or 360° scrolling. Does it even work as a middle mouse button? Wow this thing is just horrible! What makes me most upset is that someone got PAID to make this!!!!


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