Dualtime, Now that is a Two Timing Watch!

Time is one of the most important parameters that govern our world and the whole of the universe, also equally fascinating are the devices we invented to measure this particular parameter, WATCHES. Now we all wear watches, and most of us like being characterized by the kind and the style of watches we prefer, hence for the very same reason Vladimir Pavlenko designed this  cool Dual time watch, a watch that displays the  time of two different places simultaneously.

We have had our share of cool and funky watches like the No2-SV, a watch that will portray a strong feeling, but the one you are looking at  is completely out of the box, it is unlike most of the watches you might have come across since it comes with a dual dial (or a dual display in case of the digital one). The watch has a cool concept that enables it to display time corresponding to two different places as it makes use of a flexible wrist strap fitted with a dial on both the sides.

You can also have a look at the other cool watches that make a statement of their own, like the 1259 C version from Japan, or the Twilight Watch Design that will guide you through day and night.