Jesus Spock Tattoo

jesus spock tattoo design

Tattoos are becoming increasingly common today, with more and more people vying with each for creating the perfect design. If you are a true tattoo lover, here is a tattoo that is both geeky as well as fashionable – the Jesus Spock Tattoo. The religious reference could be quite sacrilegious to some but creators of this tattoo believe that as Dr. Spock died for our sins in the initial Star Trek movie and was resurrected in the third, namely Star Trek III, the name as well as the representation of Dr. Spock as Jesus is apt.

In continuation with the resurrection theory, this fashionable tattoo by Geek Parenting also has a Spanish message tattooed below the bust of Dr. Spock as Jesus, which can be translated as “Live Long and Prosper”.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a true Star Trek lover and find tattoos irresistible, blend both with this tattoo that’s sure to stand apart from the run-of-the-mills stuff.

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Thanks Rob for the image!