Star Wars Dark Side Apron for Cookie-loving Geeks

You may wonder what Darth Vader and baking cookies may have in common, and the answer to that question comes in the form of this geeky Star Wars apron. Come to the Dark Side Apron is something that would make any geek want to take up cooking classes. The Sith Lords are the central antagonists of Star Wars and use the dark side of the Force, which makes them capable of doing anything they want in order to gain what they want, as opposed to the Jedi who strive to be good and selfless.

This black apron would allow you to cook the darkest of the cookies ever, and who knows you could even have a Dark Side party and eliminate all the Jedis from it. Or, all you fans of Darth Vader, Sith Lords and the Dark Side can sit around munching on the biscuits and bitch about how cool it is to be on the Dark Side, as all the cool toys are inspired by Darth Vader and the gang.

The apron comes with a cool message “Come to the dark side, we love cookies”. The Jedi may interpret this as a tempting offer from the evil but I am sure cookie-lovers would not care much anyway. The Come to the Dark Side apron costs $19.99. You could also take a look at how Charlie Brown Joined the Dark Side and surprised everyone. The Darth Vader Costume for kids is quite morbid and cool at the same.