Bluetooth Hearing Aid Design for the Hearing Impaired to Enjoy Music Too

Hearing is one of the five senses which the nature has provided to everyone from plants to animals and being able to perceive sound through the pair organ known as ears, this ability is often taken away due to any specific reasons. Like when people start to age up, most of their hearing ability diminishes and this Hearing Aid design brings them back that ability.

Even due to some accidents a person can become totally deaf or they don’t hear properly. Even if we want to, we can’t get back what has already taken away from us but here, this excellent device which is a hearing aid but its looks and working gives an extra X factor to the device.

This Mini Bluetooth Hearing Aid which looks like a Bluetooth but works like a hearing aid and a hands free device. This means that with the amplified sound, you can even hear properly and attend a call using its hands free talk button. This one consumes much less power then a normal Bluetooth ear set.

Along with this, you will get an additional wireless earphone for stereo music with a Bow tie style Bluetooth Music player to control the songs and volume.  You can listen to music with the bow tie music player.

As the Mintpass Hearing Aid and wireless earphone are automatically paired, just press the button on the Mint Hearing Aid and the music will get paused automatically for the phone call. After the call ends, the music will again automatically start playing.

This is an excellent package for music lovers and people with hearing problems and its far better then those hearing ear aids which look like ear wax coming out of people’s ear.

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